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Increase transaction throughput

Our innovative form factor has been proven to increase the number of consumer transactions through ease of use and convenience.

Increase customer retention

Using a ring to pay is much quicker than using a credit or debit card. After experiencing the ease of use and convenience of making payments with a wave of the hand - it's hard getting back in the slow lane.

Delight your customers

Delight your customers by offering your own custom branded ring.

We have worked with a number of large companies, banks and issuers to help realise their project ideas.

Streamlined manufacturing

Streamlined deployment and management

We have produced hundred of thousands of rings over the many years we have been in business. Our manufacturing flow and business integration teams are ready to work with your key stakeholders.


We can produce rings in many colours and finishes. Our material science teams are constantly developing techniques and colour styles of rings.

Want to offer rings in your own brand? Get in touch and see what we can do.

McLEAR Ecosystem

Our accompanying mobile apps allow your customers to keep an eye on your spending, track expenses, and pause or lock a lost or stolen ring for extra peace of mind, amongst many other features.

We have a long development pipeline of features we are integrating into the connected application ecosystem to generate long-term consumer engagement and desirability.

Simple integration

The ring works on the same payment profile as a debit or credit card. Our engineers can work with your team for custom integrations.

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