Fashion and technology brought together to form smart rings with contactless payments, a next generation consumer platform for the IoT world.

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Simplify your payment experience

Use your ring to make secure payments anywhere that accepts contactless - just like ApplePay or Android Pay.
It's funded by connecting to your bank account, credit or debit card.

One click deactivate


Scratch Resistant


Stress Tested

No Charging

Speed & Precision. You're always in control.

Using your ring to pay is much faster than using a credit or debit card, or even taking out and unlocking your phone. It's always right there on your finger, ready to go.

Perfectly Engineered

Our rings are meticulously engineered to exacting standards. No nasty glues or plastics pressing against your skin all day, only high quality, super strong, hypoallergenic ceramic.

Waterproof, scratch resistant and stress tested - wear your ring day in, day out.

Power at your fingertips

Our accompanying mobile apps allow you to keep an eye on your spending, track expenses, spend online and pause or lock a lost or stolen ring for extra piece of mind.

You can also choose to donate your change to charities of your choice. Add a little extra good deed to your day.

Limited Release

This series expands from our previous smart rings, focusing on security, payments and helping to make your life just that little bit easier.

Our first major consumer release will be extremely limited in availability.

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