A fundraising service for the digital age that brings people, charities and brands together. Working in partnership with McLEAR.

Fundraise for your favourite charity automatically as you spend using RingPay
Every penny you donate goes to your chosen charity
No fees for you or your charity
Generate cashback
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Give to Charity

Choose any UK charity to support with your donations and gift aid. We help them all.

Choose how much you donate instantly each time you buy something with your Ring. Start by giving as little as 10p. It all helps.

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Generate Cashback

When you shop in one of our partner retailers using your Ring, you earn cashback.

Choose to keep it all for yourself, or give half of it to your chosen charity as a Donation Boost.

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Enjoy Benefits

Join RingPay+ and access exclusive discounts, offers, and cashback from 1000’s of brands you love.

We’re giving RingPay+ to you for FREE until the end of July to help you save £100’s on your shopping.

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Simplify your payment experience

Use your ring to make secure payments anywhere that accepts contactless.
It's funded by connecting to your bank account, credit or debit card.

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Scratch Resistant


Stress Tested

No Charging

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If you’ve lost your ring or it has been stolen, please open the app on your mobile device and click to pause transactions immediately. This can be reversed if you find your ring.

If you do not have access to the app and are sure your ring is gone for good, please email us to cancel your ring. Please note, this action is non-reversible and will completely disable your ring forever.

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