Your Smart Ring just got even smarter…

It’s finally here and we’re super excited for the launch of RingPay by McLEAR!

Being the pioneer of wearable payment technology and the inventor of the Smart Ring, we strive continuously to bring new and innovative services to our Ringholders. That’s why we’ve been hard at work developing the new RingPay, packed with awesome new services, features and benefits that we are sure you will love!

So, what’s new?

Through your RingPay app, you will be able to access new services including:

RingPay Rewards

Earn cashback when you make a purchase at participating retailers.

For every qualifying purchase you make at one of the participating retailers, a percentage of your transaction amount is given back to you as a reward. You can transfer this cashback earned to your RingPay account to spend using your Ring.

RingPay Giving

Giving to good causes is made easy with RingPay.

Simply choose one of our two giving rules; round up to the next pound or donate a fixed amount. Every time you make a purchase, your giving rule is applied and the donation amount is taken from your RingPay account balance.

When Donation Boost is activated and you make a qualifying purchase with RingPay at a participating retailer, any cashback you earn is split; half for you and half for your chosen charity.

We make sure that 100% of your donation makes it to your chosen charity, and you can choose from a huge list of registered charities to support.


We wanted to bring our Ringholders more exclusive offers and you can now continue to save significant amounts on every day purchases by subscribing to our new RingPay+, premium members’ club.

Gain access to fantastic discounts and cashback, generated through hundreds of merchants across numerous categories including entertainment ticket bookings, cinema trips, restaurant offers, hotel discounts and holiday travel deals.

RingPay+ is a monthly subscription service exclusive to Ringholders and it can be accessed in the RingPay app or by logging in directly to the members’ club portal.

Wait there’s more!

We are all about simplifying how you pay and the user experience when managing your funds with RingPay, so we’ve added some additional features to help you do this!

Features, such as:

Transfer funds between Rings

Many of our Ringholders have several Rings, we’ve now made it possible for you to manage transferring funds between your Rings through the RingPay app. You can manage all your Rings through the same app.

RingPay PIN for higher value transactions

Whenever you are allowed to spend above the contactless limit, the payment terminal will ask you to enter a PIN after you have tapped your Ring to pay.

Manage automatic top-ups

No need to worry about remembering to top up funds for your Ring, with this feature you can set an automatic top-up amount every time you reach your defined minimum funds.

View all the features here

Now it’s time for you to enjoy all these new services and features that we’ve developed especially for you! Connect with us on social media and let us know what you think!

And if you’re looking to purchase extra Rings for yourself or a gift you can do so here.