McLEAR Introduces RingPay 2: The Next Generation of Wearable Payment Innovation

RingPay 2 - BlackRingPay by McLEAR, the leading innovator in wearable payment technology, proudly announces the launch of its second-generation model, “RingPay 2.” Boasting a sleeker and more refined design, the new ring model offers users a thinner, narrower, and lighter smart ring, while retaining its powerful functionality.

RingPay revolutionizes the way individuals make payments. Users can effortlessly complete transactions with a simple wave of their hand, eliminating the need for traditional payment methods. Whether at renowned restaurants, bustling markets, or for transportation, RingPay ensures a unique, fast, secure, and hassle-free payment experience.

Setting up and managing RingPay is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly RingPay mobile app. Seamlessly integrate any Visa or Mastercard, be it a debit or credit card, as a funding source within the app. The app offers manual top-ups or the convenience of auto top-up, guaranteeing a constant availability of funds for worry-free spending using the smart ring.

RingPay eliminates the necessity of carrying a smartphone for payments, making it the ultimate standalone payment device. Furthermore, RingPay’s battery-free design ensures uninterrupted access to make payments, empowering users with ultimate convenience and peace of mind.

Security is of paramount importance, and RingPay delivers. Operating securely on the VISA network, RingPay provides robust protection for financial transactions. In the unfortunate event of a misplaced or lost ring, users can instantly freeze their RingPay with a simple tap within the mobile app, safeguarding their financial assets.

The release of RingPay 2 marks a milestone in the evolution of wearable payment technology. McLEAR continues to lead the charge in creating innovative solutions that merge style, convenience, and security. Experience the future of payments with RingPay and unlock the power of effortless payments at your fingertips.

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About McLEAR:

McLEAR kickstarted the whole smart ring space in 2012 with their NFC Ring invention and continue to go from strength to strength with their innovative payment ring, RingPay.

With a mission to redefine convenience and security in payment transactions, RingPay offers users an intuitive and stylish way to make payments effortlessly.

Headquartered in London – the team of British and International engineers, designers and payment industry specialists are at the forefront of wearable payment technology.

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