From today (2nd April 2020). the contactless payment limit has been increased from £30 up to £45. This mean you can now pay up to the new limit using your McLEAR Smart Ring. Fantastic news, we think you’ll all agree!

The limit has been increased in several other European countries over the past few weeks and today sees the UK follow suit. Whilst the limit increase had been in the planning stages for quite some time, the payments industry expedited this rollout in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Talking to the Fintech Times, our Chief Operating Officer Daniel Blondell said:

‘’Whilst we all try and get used to social distancing and the unprecedented times that we find ourselves living in; health and safety is front and centre of our minds and how we do this has never been more important. We all want and need to be able to pay both safely and securely and the increase in the contactless limit will help us do just that. Paying for essential items without the need to use our hands to enter our PIN, touch our phones or limit the handling of our wallets will help reduce the spread, is the hope, the need…..  Raising the contactless limit will allow everyone to shop safely and with peace of mind, who would have thought that contactless technology would play such an important role in our lives’’

Obviously this is great news for any McLEAR Smart Ring holder, as you can continue to the limit touching of things and reduce the contact points whilst purchasing those essential shopping items.

Our rings can be worn 24/7, and as they are fully waterproof – you can wash your hands as often as you need to without needing to remove the ring. They will not be affected by the use of hand sanitiser either and will even operate whilst wearing gloves.

Whilst the limit has been increased from today, it may take a little longer for some shops to make the necessary changes to update their own in-store terminals – but this should happen fairly quickly, given the pressing need for this increase.