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RingPay+ is our monthly subscription service exclusive to ringholders.

Our premium members’ club gives you access to even more cashback, special RingPay perks and exclusive discounts at thousands of retailers including entertainment ticket bookings, cinema, restaurant offers, hotel discounts and travel deals.

Access exclusive online discounts

Online discounts from 1000s of retailers with up to 55% off, as well as exclusive dining options, travel discounts and cinema offers.

Access "Money Can't Buy" tickets

RingPay+ gives you access to tickets for events such as premieres, exclusive screenings, book signings and sporting events.

Exclusive dining offers

Enjoy exclusive dining options such as priority reservations and special offers.

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If you’ve lost your ring or it has been stolen, please open the app on your mobile device and click to pause transactions immediately. This can be reversed if you find your ring.

If you do not have access to the app and are sure your ring is gone for good, please email us to cancel your ring. Please note, this action is non-reversible and will completely disable your ring forever.

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